Our Founding Friends


The Founding Friends Campaign is a grassroots fundraising campaign, aimed to raise money for Children’s Museum of Napa Valley to do the due diligence in moving forward. Thank you to these early adopters who’s help CMONV supports the creation of a concept design, completion a comprehensive feasibility study, and are instrumental contributors to our initial community awareness campaigns.

Meet Our Friends!


Bonnie Rice

Molly & Will Segui

Christina Lawrence

Stacy & Greg James

Marc & Leslie Hauser

Drs. Lois Montague & Shea Pribyl

The Gabitan Family

The Whiteford Family

Michael & Christina Holcomb

The Salese Family

Nancy Pollack

AUL Corp

The Lopez Family

The Satton Family

Kirk & Lori Candland

The Alter Family

Courtney Claussen

Jayson Pahlmeyer

Janet Davies

Carol & Craig Williams

The Melief Family

The Rockwood Family

The Winegarner Family

Dr. Michael & Stasia O’Neil

Friends of Alfredo Pedroza

Samanth Lloyd

Napa Valley Wine Train

The Daw Family

Janette Brooks

Shilah Salmon

Michael & Claire Holcomb

Haile Dawes

Elizabeth & Greg Russell

Linsey & Lon Gallagher

The Miller Family

Lindsey & Jon Schaller

Patricia Mori

Brian & Hahn Randall

The Lipset Family

Jessica & Ted Rippey

The Busch Family

The Long Family

Katie & Brent Dodd

Johnny Miller Champ Foundation

The Pedroza Family

The Garcia Family

The Simon Family

Courtney Moskow

Franklin Dawes

Shannon O’Neil

June Jasinskas

Lindsey & Mark Albrecht

The Juckiewicz Family

Bridget & Tony Zand and Family

Jim & Lindsay Keller

Palvora Inc./ Mike LaBlanc

The Luros Family

The Provus Family

The Finster Family

The Williams Family

The Watson Family

The Fox Family

Brandt & Nicole Mori